>Sunday Stuff to Read

>Some links for Sunday

First, the greatest promotional giveaway in the history of things given away. I would love to fly out just for that game, if I could afford to fly out to Seattle solely for a lolcat bobble-head. I might anyway.

From Mets Minor League Blog, the roster for the B-Mets of Binghamton. That’s right, Nick Evans has been buried all the way down in AA.

Maybe the Twins, eventually, didn’t get too roughed up in the Santana deal.

Anyone want to buy an (apparently discontinued) Willie Harris t-shirt?

Jose Reyes woke up at 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning.

Ever wonder what Benny Agbayani was up to? Me neither. Anyway, it’s nice to see he’s doing alright for himself.

Not a ton of things to read this week. Lots of game recaps. Mets are 2-3, but if they keep loading the bases, they’re going to have to score eventually . . .

Santana – Hernandez. The Mets have to win, right?


The Band, presumably anticipating Jeff Francoeur.

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