>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

>Ollie is pitching today. Everyone cross their fingers, but remember – it’s just spring training. On to the linkage.

First up, Joe Janish shows once again why he is the Met blogosphere’s resident “person-that-actually-knows-how-to-play-baseball” as he breaks down Josh Thole’s catching stance over at Mets Today.

Ted Berg explains why comparing anyone to Mariano Rivera is stupid, especially 20-year-olds who are yet to throw a big league pitch.

Alex Eisenberg put an informative fan post up on Amazin’ Avenue, breaking down the mechanics of Ike Davis’s swing.

Jeff Francoeur thinks plate discipline is a joke!

Ike Davis Q&A in the NJ Star-ledger. Davis mentions he was a pitcher in college. If Murphy struggles, Davis probably takes over at some point this season, but if (when) Francoeur struggles, is there a chance Ike plays right field?

Mike Pelfrey pitched yesterday. 3 innings, no walks, no strikeouts. Things stay the same. Adam Rubin talks with Pelf about his start.

Stephen Strasburg was on the CBS evening news. Lots of walking around baseball fields pretending to laugh with reporters.

Sammy Drake, member of the 1962 Mets and one-half of the first pair of black siblings to play major league baseball, passed away.

Bob Kaplish talks to Dar-ryl. Dar-ryl. Dar-ryl.

Toby Hyde’s minor league countdown continues with the Mets 22nd best prospect, Dillon Gee.

Enjoy the Mets-Nationals spring training game today. But remember: it doesn’t really matter.


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2 responses to “>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

  1. Anonymous

    >I think Fmart or Nieuwenhuis would be in RF before Davis. Murphy is dead man walking. He looks off thus far this spring. I think seeing Davis do so well is rattling him.

  2. mike yacono

    >omir santos inside the park grand slam? now i've seen everything

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