>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

>Here are some links for a lazy Sunday afternoon – it looks like some form of precipitation is going to fall again here in the Northeast, so yeah, you’re probably inside reading. I know March starts tomorrow, but sometimes tomorrow seems so far away.

Sunday Morning Q & A with K-Rod.

David Wright sits down to talk with Adam Rubin about a lot of things. Jeff Francoeur, of course, works his way into the story as well.

In other David Wright news, he’s still ridiculously boring. I’ve read plenty of articles about him, and I get the feeling his day is: Wake up, video games, drive to stadium, play baseball, drive home, go to bed. That’s it. Boring. Nothing else.

Old school baseball guys who use sabermetrics? Do you mean like Jack Z? Why yes, they are the future of baseball.

I’m all for a Joe Beimel signing, mainly because he seems awesome. Ted Berg explains how Beimel is a YouTube sensation, Amazin’ Avenue passes along a great Beimel quotation.

This is a link to a whole bunch of other links, and a picture of what I immediately thought of when I found out K-Rod had pink eye, but Talking Chop did a fantastic job giving a rundown of news in the NL East this week.

Occasionally, yes, there is something worth reading on Deadspin. Will Leitch’s free form essays on every team in the league is one such example. Perhaps the only one.

Kyle Farnsworth as a starter. Oh boy.


Spring Training Games start this week. Get ready to read too much into small samples!


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2 responses to “>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

  1. michael yacono

    >yeah pat flood. lets go mets

  2. Patrick Flood

    >No way! Whatup Yacono. Send me an email. Patrickjohnflood@sbcglobal.net

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