>Why the Washington Nationals are Still in Recovery.

>Remember this everytime Jerry Manuel or Omar Minaya says something odd or poorly thought out, like “Jenrry Mejia could work out of the bullpen” or “Fernando Martinez should play center field because Bay is in left” or “We feel Gary Matthews Jr. could hit lead off if he wins the center field job” or “David Wright looks spiritually lighter.”

Remember. It could be so, so much worse.

In case you missed this as it made it’s rounds across the internet over the past few days – and hat tip to the internet in general for passing this video along – here is a video discussing sabermetrics, featuring three GM’s, two internet writers, one current player, and a whole lot of crazy.

Jim Bowden. The Gob Bluth of General Managers. Currently not employed by any major league baseball team, for what I feel are obvious reasons, he is currently, instead, doing whatever this is:

My favorite part? Probably whenever Dayton Moore says anything. Also Jim Bowden’s hair cut. Or maybe it’s the awkward cuts to the woman that push the video over the top. There’s just so much here.


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