>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

>Meet the new Knicks . . . Same as the old Knicks . . . but they actually look a little bit better. Maybe it’s just the novelty of everyone. By the way, Tracy McGrady is only 29, but looks 45 and perpetually like he just woke up. Maybe he’ll make the rest of the season interesting. Here’s your Sunday Mets linkage:

First up: The New Beasts of the North. The Mets AAA affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, are absolutely stacked. Blue and Orange breaks down the team. Ted Berg lists the powerful lineup here.

Yesterday, Fred Wilpon basically said that “If you want the Mets, you’re going to have to pry them from my cold dead hands – and even won’t be enough.” He then laughed manically while thunder cracked in the background.

The Tuscany Tile that is Rick Peterson continues his bio-mechanical work in Milwaukee.

The Mets’ pitchers are working on throwing strikes. I assume this is so the parents don’t have to pitch anymore. It may also be so that they won’t have to use a tee as well.

The Mets have lost the fourth most money to the DL since 2002.


Yeah, that’s it for this Sunday. Maybe this will finally push the Super Bowl halftime show out of your head.


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