>Briefly, On Mike Jacobs Defense.

>This chart speaks for itself:

That Mike Jacobs’ defense at first base, averaged to 1200 defensive innings. Remember, the red diamond is what an average first baseman looks like – and an average first baseman is not a very good defensive player. An average first baseman is considered “average” only because he’s being compared to plodding mass like Adam Dunn. Mike Jacobs is a designated hitter – not even a very good one – and the Mets are an NL team. This is in no way a fit.
For comparison, here is Carlos Delgado over the same span of time:
Carlos Delgado, who brings no rave reviews about his fielding abilities, is actually a just-below-average first baseman, no matter how slow he looked out there. Mike Jacobs is an even lesser defender than Carlos Delgado. Jacobs and Luis Castillo on the right side of the infield would be a nightmare for Mike Pelfrey and the Mets. Jacobs should be nowhere near Citi Field in 2010.


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9 responses to “>Briefly, On Mike Jacobs Defense.

  1. Brian

    >Excellent analysis. This move makes no sense at all, unless the goal is honestly just to make AAA-Buffalo better.

  2. Anonymous

    >Could you add Daniel Murphy's chart too?

  3. Patrick Flood

    >@ Anonymous 11:29I have Murphy's chart made up and it's in a Murphy defense post from earlier this week, but it is based on just 850 innings in the field. Jacobs and Delgado each have over 3000 innings being evaluated on their charts. Murphy's defense appears to be much better than Delgado's or Jacobs, but it's in a much smaller sample so it's not as accurate. I don't want to mislead anyone by posting them all together.

  4. Anonymous

    >Nice just out of curiosity do you have above average 1B charts? Like Keith Hernandez, Mark Texiera?

  5. Anonymous

    >Can you post Murphys in a separate article. Please

  6. Anonymous

    >How About the balls right at him that Murphy botches? Or the dumb decisions Murphy makes with the ball? How about the failed scoops that Murphy doesn't get the error for? There is more to playing first base then stupid charts showing how far a guy can supposedly move. Enough with these charts.

  7. Anonymous

    >ENOUGH WITH THESE CHARTS! WRITE DIFFERENTLY! YOUR FREE CONTENT IS SUBPAR! GRUMBLE!(Keep up the yeoman's work, Mr. Flood. It's been mostly edifying and very entertaining.)

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