>Upcoming Post

>I’m going to link dump today because I am working on a super-massive “2009: Mets Year in Review” post that should be ready for Christmas or just after. I guess I could split it into smaller posts but I think it deserves its own epic onet. It will contain:

The debut of my own statistic, TRAA (Total Runs Above Average), with the numbers for the 2009 Mets.
The Top Five Met Falls of the Year

Most Valuable Mets Person of the Year
Least Valuable Mets Person of the Year
Mets’ Person of the Decade

Plus much more.

Anyway, here is your recommended reading from today:

Matthew Cerrone proposed that the Mets should lay low this offseason. I lean towards agreeing with him. This free agent class is weak and getting massively overpaid. Two years for Jason Kendell? Come on.

James K at Amazin Avenue’ looks at Carlos Beltran’s top ten hits of the decade.

Sny’s Ted Berg shows some love for Pedro

Rob Neyer explains why the Mets should set a deadline for Bay and Molina.

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