>Two Things

>First: I should have up later tonight a post about the eight billion ways* in which Matt Holliday is better than Jason Bay.

*actual number of ways subject to change

Second: After my original Munster’s musings, I have some more thoughts about why Eddie Munster is a werewolf and not a Franken-vampire. I see two possible explanations:

1. Since Herman Munster was sewn together from corpses, it’s possible that some deceased werewolf parts made it to the final product. Thus, Eddie got the werewolf gene from (some part) of his Father.

2. Eddie Munster is a normal human child who was simply bitten by a werewolf. His Mom is a vampire, and her father is a vampire, so that appears to be hereditary, but his father is made up of human parts, so I figure there was a 50-50 shot Eddie was going to come out human. 

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