>Things that Did (Not) Happen Today.

>Today marked the beginning of baseball’s winter meetings. Here is a list of things that didn’t happen:

The Mets, Cubs, and Rays didn’t trade Luis Castillo, Milton Bradley, and Pat Burrell for each other.

The Mets didn’t trade for Edwin Jackson.

The Mets didn’t trade Luis Castillo for Juan Pierre.

The Mets didn’t sign Adam Kennedy.

The Mets didn’t trade for Josh Willingham or Juan Rivera.

The sun didn’t suddenly expand and envelope the earth in super-hot gases. Yet.

The Mets didn’t continue to corner the backup catcher market. Yet.

The Mets didn’t offer a contract to Bengie Molina. Yet . . . oh, wait, they just did.

Tiger Woods didn’t have a good day.

An actual baseball player didn’t get voted into the Hall of Fame, but a manager and an umpire did.

Omar Minaya didn’t have a nervous breakdown mid-press conference and start yelling at reporters in rapid-fire Spanish like Ricky Ricardo. Yet.

A new episode of House didn’t premiere.

Fidel Castro didn’t update his blog. Yet.

A man didn’t get launched into space, go into long term hibernation, awake thousands of years later, and discover that the earth is now inhabited by intelligent apes and the statue of liberty is buried on beach. Yet.

The Mets didn’t succeed in trading Luis Castillo to the Oakland Raiders, who noticed at the last second that this Luis Castillo is not the same as this Luis Castillo.

I look forward to what tomorrow’s winter meetings bring. Or don’t bring.

* * *

Here’s something else that has to do with Rumors.
Because all you wanted to do was shack up.

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